Document Management

Share documents with just one click!

You have a lot of documents to share with your employees. Employee handbooks, expense policies, day-to-day guidelines all get saved in different places, and it’s up to you to keep track of which ones you’ve sent to which employees.

With Workful’s HR services, keep all the documents you need in one place, and share them with your employees in just one click.

Why You Need a Document Warehouse

Have you updated your expense policy recently but can’t remember which employees have received the latest version?

Have you brought on a new employee, but you don’t have time to search through email for new hire agreements and policies?

Screenshot of Workful© document management system
Screenshot of Workful© employee documents interface

Everything In One Place

With Workful, you’re able to see who you’ve shared each document with. You can even choose to send documents to your whole team or individual employees.

All your documents will be in one place, so you can share them with your new hires in seconds.

Document management has never been easier.

Save the time you need to grow your small business and get started with Workful’s human resource software today. Check out our pricing plan page to learn more!