POS for Small Business

The Employee-Friendly Point of Sale System for Your Small Business

Manage Inventory

Workful is your easy-to-use inventory system that can quickly track and manage your inventory. Change product prices, names, and quantity in real time. You’ll know when inventory is running low, giving you plenty of time to restock.

Build Customer Relationships

Workful POS helps you create lasting customer relationships. Keep track of customers’ purchase history and contact information so you can notify them of new products, share sales, and make personalized recommendations. Keep customers coming back.

Workful makes it easy to manage your business.

In the small business world, with all its complexities, Workful takes the critical tasks and makes them easy.

Track Sales & Taxes

Keeping track of your sales and sales taxes is tough! Let Workful do it for you. Workful automatically calculates sales tax on every transaction, making it easy to report sales tax when it’s time to file.

Accept Payments

Accept card and cash payments at all your locations using one easy-to-use POS system. With Workful, you can accept payments on your phone, computer, or online.

Want to get started?

Want to get started?